1, 2 Setembro


Sábado, 1 Setembro

Gil Scott Heron – “We Almost Lost Detroit”

Lonnie Liston Smith – “Renaissance”

Michael Jackson – “Off the Wall (Teaser)”

Ramsey Lewis – “Summer Breeze”

Agustin Pereyra Lucena – “Amazonas”

Jaime & Nair – “Sob O Mar”

Bobby Lyle – “Good Inside”

Jimmy Smith – “I’m gonna love you just a little bit more babe”

Aretha Franklin – “Get It Right”

Arnie’s Love – “I Think I’m Out of Your Life”

The Awakening – “Brand New Feeling”

David Snell – “International Flight”

Wendell Harrison – “Where Am I”

Connie Kaye Trio – “I’m a Woman”



Domingo, 2 Setembro

Dis Bonjour À La Dame – “Just Like Before”

Detroit Sounds Of Friction – “I’m leaving you”

Ralph Thomas – “Big Spliff”

Joni Haastrup – “Free My People”

Phyrework – “Make It Last”

Airto Moreira – “Amajour”

Executive Suite – “When It Comes To Loving Me”

Johnny Adams – “Feel The Beat”

Kleeer – “Intimate Connection”

Ray Barretto – “Can You Feel It”

The Mystery Kindaichi Band

Marco Di Marco Trio – “Par Avion”

David Bendeth – “Feel the Real”

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