8,9 Setembro


Sábado, 8 Setembro

Barbara Lynn – “Good Woman”

Gwen McCrae – “Let’s Straighten it out”

I.C.Q. Ivan Chandler Quartet – “Final Approach”

Sheila Landis – “Perenthe-Seizure”

Macho – “Mucho Macho”

Frank Walton – “Safari”

Average White Band – “One Look Over My Shoulder”

D.J. Rogers – “If You Didn’t Love Me (Don’t Go Away)”

Gui Tavares & Edu Passeto – “Sabia Na Palmeira”

Som Imaginário – “A3”

Nancy Wilson – “Sunshine”

Jack Wilson – “Gemstones”

Andre Ceccarelli- “Gang Progress”

Clarice Labbe & Charlie Hampton – “No Other Love But You”

East LA Car Pool – “Seeds Of Life”


Domingo, 9 Setembro

Matthew Halsall – “Journey In Satchidananda”

Dave Mackay & Vicky Hamilton – “Blues For Hari”

Finn Savery Trio – “Misturada”

Som Três – “Homenagem A Mongo”

David Nunez – “Times Are Gettin’ Hard”

Manzel – “High And Tight”

Jordi Sabates – “Alegro ma non presto”

Byrdie Green – “The return of prodigal son”

Banda Metalurgia – “Lá em Guayaquil”

Dale Dennard – “If you can live with yourself”

David Matthews – “Sandworms”

Bootsy Collins – “May The Force Be With You”

Septimus – “You’ re a mind blower”

Antithesis – “Do Desch Ka Den”

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