22, 23 Setembro


Sábado, 22 Setembro

Phillip Wright – “Keep her happy”

Cesar Mariano & Cia. – “Metropole”

Hot Stuff Band – “Juju Man”

Cool Creations of St. Maarten – “Wish Upon Love”

Richie Havens- “What About Me”

Clive Zanda- “Ogun”

Yves Laferrière – “Anastasie Oh! Ma Chérie (Thème Du Film)”

The Gondwana orchestra – “The Creator Has A Master Plan”

Donald Byrd – “Black Byrd”

Johnny Otis Show & Barbara Morrison – “Hey Boy! I Want Ya’ “

Eiji Nakayama – “Aya’s Samba”

D Train – “Keep On”

Marku Ribas – “Zamba Ben”


Domingo, 23 Setembro

Zebra – “Simple Song”

Friction Band – “Watchin’ You”

Marva Whitney – “It’s My Thing (You Can’t Tell Me Who To Sock It To)”

The Notations – “A New Day”

Banda Black Rio – “Leblon Via Vaz Lobo”

Hard Drivers Feat. Vivian Lee – “Since I Was a Little Girl”

Eleanore Mills – “I’m Gonna Get You”

Donnell Pitman – “Love Explosion”

Lillian Alexander – “A Dream Without You”

Soul Generation – “Sailing”

The Lewis Connection- “Higher”

Edison Machado – “Quintessência”

Sambrasa Trio – “Sambrasa”

Les Masques & Le Trio Camara – “Il Faut Tenir”

Laraaji – “All Of A Sudden”

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