18, 19 Janeiro


Sábado, 18 Janeiro

Roy Ayers – “I Am Your Mind (part 2)”

The Analog Music Project – “Solitary”

Sean Khan – “Feel The Light”

Abstract Orchestra – “Accordion”

Dom Um Romão – “Escravos de Jó”

Syncro Jazz –  “P’ro Cezar”

Kamaal Williams – “New Heights”

Chip Wickham – “Red Planet”

Ralph Thomas – “Big Spliff ”

Eiji Nakayama – “Aya’s Samba”

Stevie Wonder – “Too High”


Domingo, 19 Janeiro

Tomorrow’s Edition – “A Song For Everyone”

The Copeland Davis Group – “Morning Spring”

Gene Russell – “Black Orchid”

Larry Nozero – “Tune for L.N.”

Marvin Franklin with Kimo And The Guys – “Kona Winds”

Erick Cosaque – “Kominiké”

Ashley Henry – “Dark Honey”

The Lewis Express – “Canção De Momento”

Embryo – “Wajang Woman”

Sunbear – “Let Love Flow for Peace”

Joe Armon-Jones – “Icy Roads”

Soil & “Pimp” Sessions – “Lost Memories”

Alice Coltrane – “Turiya And Ramakrishna”

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