1. 2 Fevereiro


Sábado, 1 Fevereiro

Bernie Senensky Trio – “Beloved Gift”

Eugene McDaniels – “Lovin’ Man”

Gentle – “Easy Greasy (Part 1)”

Roy Ayers – “Liquid Love”

Heath Brothers – “Dreamin'”

The Heath Brothers – “Smilin’ Billy Suite (Part II)”

Carlos Garnett – “Let This Melody Ring On”

Samuel Jonathan Johnson – “Reason for The Reason”

Courtial with Errol Knowles – “Don’t You Think It’s Time”

Gary Bias – “Asiki”

Herbie Hancock – “Sanctification”


Domingo, 2 Fevereiro

Theatre West – “Searching For Ourselves”

Patterson Twins – “Gonna Find a True Love”

Plus ‎– “Enjoy Yourself”

Steve Arrington –  “You Meet My Approval”

Rochelle Rabouin – “This Is My Year”

Tony Fox – “Love, Let Love And Be Loved”

Dee Dee Bridgewater – “He’s Gone”

Olli Ahvenlahti -“Grandma’s Rocking Chair” 

Kaygee’s -”  ”

Lonnie Smith – “The Awakening”

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