25, 26 Abril



Sábado, 25 Abril

Nick DeCaro – “Under The Jamaican Moon”

Mike Longo – “Ocean of His Might”

Bong Peñera – “Batucada Sa Calesa”

Ahmed Malek – “Bossa”

Ryo Kawasaki & Joanne Brackeen – “Trinkets & Things”

Frank Walton – “Safari”

Tania Maria – “Come With Me”

Gui Tavares & Edu Passeto – “Sabiá Na Palmeira”

Sabu Martinez – “Breakin’ It In”

The Topics – “Giving Up”

Johnny Hammond – “Shifting Gears” 

Shabaka And The Ancestors – “The Coming Of The Strange Ones”


Domingo, 26 Abril

Wynd Chimes – “Baby You’re the One”

Benita – “Time for a Change“

Ad-libs – “I Don’t Need No Fortune Teller”

Bobby Hamilton Quintet – “Roll Your Own”

The Fabulous Play Mates – “I Ain’t Gonna Be No Fool (For You)”

Jeanie Tracy – “Making New Friends”

Frank Ferrer – “Hallelujah”

Beloyd – “Today All Day”

Spade Brigade – “I’m Your Man”

Creation Station – “Can’t you See”

Os Carbonos – “Pássaro Selvagem”

Lafayette – “Sol de Verão”

Aloisio – “Tema R” 

L.A. Boppers – “You Did it Good”

Yusef Lateef – “Bishop School”

Gap Mangione – “Diana in the Autumn Wind”


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