23, 24 Maio

Sábado, 23 Maio

The Mohawks – “The Champ”

Family of Eve – “Please be Truthful”

Hall & Floyd – “Sunrise”

Rhythm Makers – “Soul On Your Side” 

Som Três – “Homenagem A Mongo”

Ted Coleman Band – “Can You Feel It”

Gene Lawrence – “Feel Like Making Love”  

The 3 Pieces – “If Only I Could Prove To You” 

The Class Set – “My Style”

Terry Callier – “Look At Me Now” 

Esa Pethman –  “Finnish Schnapps”

Johnny Pate – “You Can’t Even Walk in the Park”

Kashmere Stage Band – “Kashmere”

The S.S.O. Orchestra – “Faded Lady” 

Time Spectrum – “Slide Into Your Heart”  

Street People – “Your Momma Had A Baby”


Domingo, 24 Maio

Crystal – Clear – “Stay With Me”

Hot Stuff Band – “Juju Man”

Nu Guinea – “Amore” 

Energy – “Energy Crisis (Instrumental)”

Luther Davis Group – “To Be Free”  

Sweet Thunder – “Everybody’s Singin’ Love Songs”

“Sugar Bear” Johnson – “When your Jones Come Down”

Manfredo Fest – “Brazilian Dorian Dream”

Edison Machado – “Coisa No.1”

Caldera – “Sky Islands”

Richie Cole – “Harolds House Of Jazz”

Jancy Körössy – “A Night in Tunisia”

Luiz Carlos Vinhas – “Amazonas”

Morris Wilson- “Rock Bottom”

George Duke – “Brazilian Love Affair”


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