30, 31 Maio

Sábado, 30 Maio

Curtis Mayfield – You’re So Good To Me”

Fats Gaines Band Presents Zorina – “For Your Love”

Neal Creque – “What Am I Gonna Do?”

Rivage – “Strung Out On Your Love”

Creative Source – “Funky Luvah”

Moses Boyd – “Stranger Than Fiction”

Ahmad Jamal – “Misdemeanor”

Ted Coleman Band – “Can you Feel It”

Walt Barr – “Free Spirits”

Tatsuro Yamashita – “Windy Lady”

Pi-R Square – “Fantasy”

Donna McGhee – “Make It Last Forever”


Domingo, 31 Maio

Sass – “Much Too Much”

Weldon Irvine – “Only Yesterday”

LaRombé – “You’re the Best”

Randolph Baker – “Gettin Next To You”

The Pacesetters – “Lovin’ “

Ike White – “Love and Affection”

Ike White – “Changin’ Times”

Luiz Carlos Vinhas – “Song For My Father”

Larry Rose Band – “The Sand”

Hailu Mergia – “Yene Mircha”

The Headliners – “Little Sister (Sho Nuf Fine)”

Herb Crawford Jazz Ensemble – “Title Town”


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