6, 7 Junho

Sábado. 6 Junho

Camille Yarbrough – “Take Yo’ Praise”

Alfonzo Surrett – “Gimmie Your Love”

Bobby Hart – “Funky Karma”

Rhythm – “Are You Ready For This”

Allspice – “Slipped Away”

Brass Fever – “Bach Bone”

Certain Lions & Tigers – “Little Joe”

Chocolate Milk – “Time Machine”

Chuck Brown and The Soul Searchers – “Game Seven”

California Flight Project – “California Flight”

Breakwater – “Feel Your Way

Babadu – “All I’ve Got To Give”


Domingo. 7 Junho

Benitez and Nebula – “We Are The One”

Aura – “Short And Sweet”

Junior Byron – “Inch by Inch”

Beggar & Co. – “Bahia De Palma”

Catch Up II – “End Of The Beginning Of The End”

Bubbha Thomas & the Lightmen – “Famous Last Words”

Bili Thedford – “More Than Magic”

Carl Sherlock Holmes Investigation – “Investigation”

Chain Reaction – “Hogtied”

Body and Soul – “Stone Soul Picnic”

Bobby Wilson – “Don’t Shut Me Out”

Brainstorm – “Journey to The Light”

Beau Williams – “If You’re Ready”


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