13, 14 Junho

Sábado, 13 Junho

The Chris Rhodes Band – “Gotta New Lease On Love”

The Johnny Otis Show ft. Barbara Morrison – “Hey Boy! I Want Ya’ “

Jorge Darden – “Alone Again”

Bernard Drake ” I’ve Been Untrue”

Joyce Williams – “The First Thing I Do In The Morning”

Kenny Rankin – “In The Name of Love”

Quinn Harris – “I’ll Always Love You”

Curly Myrick – “It Be’s That Way”

Frank D’Rone – “Think I Will”

Pi-R Square – “Fantasy”

Roland Louis Orchestra – “Play Up Play Up”

Freedom Force – “What I Feel”

Julius Brockington – “This Feeling (Freedom) (Part 1)”

Larry Mc Gee Revolution – “The Burg ((Pittsburgh, Pa.)”

Family Of Eve – “Please Be Thruthful”

Helio Matheus – “Mais Kriola”

Joe Gallardo – “Maranatha”


Domingo, 14 Junho

The Harden Brothers – “Deep Inside Of You”

Michael Franks – “Jealousy (Geyster Remix)”

Dewey Jeffries – “Little David”

9th Creation – “Mellow Music”

Eddie Drennon – “Do It Nice and Easy”

Bernard Edwards – “You Don’t Know Me”

Nancy Wilson – “I’m In Love”

Rufus feat. Chaka Khan – “Stop On By”

T.S. Monk – “Can’t Keep My Hands To Myself”

Tyree Glenn Jr. – “S.O.S.”

Mr. Maurice – “Love Me”

Jacksonians – “I’ll Be Around”

Target – “Give Me One More Chance”

Glenn Dorsay & The Big J – “Movin On”

Soul on Delivery – “Crescent Boogie”

Ivan Neville – “Dance Your Blues Away”


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