15, 16 Agosto

Sábado, 15 Agosto

One Way ft. Al Hudson – “Music”

April Fulladosa – “Tell Me”

Al McCall – “Hard Times”

Bluey – “You Are The One”

James Taylor Quartet – “People Get Ready (We’re Movin On)”

Simon Jefferies – “Something in the Water”

Hipnotic – “Are You Lonely?”

James Mason “Sweet Power Your Embrace”

Trevor Dandy – “Is There Any Love?”

Corky McClerkin – “Searchin’ for the Soul”

Wood, Brass & Steel – “Always There”

Willie J & Co. – “Boogie With Your Baby”

Joe Gallardo – “Maranatha”


Domingo, 16 Agosto

Shuggie Otis – “Aht Uh Mi Hed”

Trumains – “Ripe for The Pickin”

Ice – “Ozan Koukle”

Dale Dennard – “If You Can Live With Yourself”

Bridge – “Stella”

Billy Wooten – “Chicango (Chicago Land)”

Francisco Aguabella – “Desire”

Sir William Portis Jr – “Afro Dream”

Jack Wilson – “Gemstones”

Manfred Ludwig Sextet – “Zwielicht”

Marva Broome & The Art Ensemble of Chicago – “Mystifying Mama”

Jimmy Heath – “Smilin’ Billy“

The Chants – “I’ve Been Trying”

Adrenalin – “Feel the Reel”


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