29, 30 Agosto

Sábado, 29 Agosto

Erasmo Carlos – “Grilos”

Carol-Leigh & Hank Midlin – “Inquire Within”

lamont Butler – “Ungodly War”

Phillips – “Just Another Day”

Rhyze – “Just How Sweet Is Your Love”

Francisco Aguabella – “I Wanna Know”

Bheki Mseleku – “Angola”

Som Imaginário – “A-3”

Arlana – “When You Call My Name”

Marvin Gaye – “Nuclear Juice (Instrumental)”

Norman Weeks – “I Just Want To Sing For You”

Deep Heat – “Do It Again”

Paris Smith Quintet – “Thought Seeds”

Gelson Oliveira & Luiz Ewerling – “Acordes E Sementes”


Domingo, 30 Agosto

Fred Wesley and J.B’s – “Damn Right I Am Somebody”

Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids – “When Will I See You Again?”

Sandi & Matues – “The World (Pt. 1)”

The Drive – “Ain’t Sittin’ Down Doin’ Nothing”

Kalima – “Land of Dreams”

Malcolm Strachan – “Take Me To The Clouds”

Ernie Hawks and The Soul Investigators – “Windy City Blues”

Ruby Rushton – “Sun Khosi”

Theatre West – “Children of Tomorrow’s Dreams”

Twylyte ’81 – “Like A Ferris Wheel”


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