5, 6 Setembro

Sábado, 5 Setembro

Black White and Co – “Overture”

Bobby Keys – “Gimme The Key”

The Masai – “Across The Track ( Part 1)”

Gloria Scott – “That’s What You Say (Everytime You’re Near Me)”

Jimmy Smith – “My Place in Space”

Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax – “Coluna Do Meio”

Dave Pike Set – “Big Schlepp”

Aldorande – “Summer Body”

Solat – “Try, Try”

Helio Matheus – “Briguenta”

Dianne Mower – “The Secret Sign”

Tony Camillo’s Bazuka ‎– “Side Dish”

Greg Foat – “Yonaguni”

Bob Dorough with Miles Davis Sextet – “Blue Xmas (To Whom It May Concern)”

The Take Vibe EP – “Golden Brown”


Domingo, 6 Setembro

Robin Jones Seven – “Atlas”

Twilight – “Play My Game”

Linda Williams – “Our Song”

The Awakening – “Slinky”

Oscar Perry – “Wind Me Up”

Larry Ridley – “Well You Needn’t”

Surface Noise – “Zero One”

Lafayette – “Sol de Verão”

Cornelius – “Deixa”

Carbonos – “Pássaro Selvagem”

Grupo Natureza – “Pode Acreditar (Versão Vocal)”

Azar Azar – “Space Coconut Conspiracy”

Curtis Fuller – “Ballade”


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