12, 13 Setembro

Sábado, 12 Setembro

Cassiano – “Central Do Brasil”

Joe Gallardo – “Bird Of Beauty”

Norman Connors ft. Phillip Mitchell – “Once I’ve Been There”

Dewey Jeffries – “Little David”

Experience Unlimited – “People”

Juju – “Nia (Complete the Circle)”

Gelson Oliveira & Luiz Ewerling – “Terra”

Tete Mbambisa – “Unity”

Chip Wickham – “Red Planet”

Virtual Shadow Ensemble – “Truth Is in the Shadow of a Doubt (ft. Aije & Janina Nana Yaa)”

Julius Brockington – “This Feeling (Freedom) Part 1”

Theatre West – “Children Of Tomorrow’s Dreams”


Domingo, 13 Setembro

Marcia Maria – “Amigo Branco”

Furman & Johnson – “Slow & Funky”

Skip Mahoney – “Janice (Don’t Be So Blind To Love)”

Sue Barker – “Love To The People”

The Life Organisation – “Pink Steamroller”

Renee Geyer – “Be There in the Morning”

The Expansions – “Mosaic”

Gary Corben – “Summer’s Almost Here”

Bliss – “Move it (To Another Side)”

Cecil Lyde – “I’ll Make it On My Own”

Glenn Dorsay & The Big J – “Movin´On”

Earth, Wind & Fire – “Brazilian Rhyme”

Popcorn – “Prime Choice”


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