10, 11 Outubro

Sábado, 10 Outubro

Chien Chien Lu – “We Live in Brooklyn Baby”

Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad ft. Roy Ayers – “Synchronize Vibration”

Starfire – “Make The Most Of It”

Stevie Wonder – “Too High”

Wood, Brass & Steel – “Funkanova”

Emilio Santiago – “Vem Menina”

Butcher Brown – “Frontline”

Sacbé – “Andromeda”

Sandra-Mae Lux – “I’m Still Here”

Gonzalez – “Bob Gropes Blues”

Tamil Rogeon – “House No Wheels”

Al Hudson & The Soul Partners – “Trying To Prove My Love”

Chocolate Milk – “Girl Callin’ “


Domingo, 11 Outubro

Mildlife – “Memory Palace”

Seawind – “The Two Of Us”

Daniel Maunick – “One Nite Stand”

The Night Blooming Jazzmen  ‎–”Freedom Jazz Dance”

Kenny Mann Liquid Pleasure – “Say What”

Jersey Street – “Sunflower”

Second Direction -“Freeland”

Byron The Aquarius – “End of Time”

Ashley Henry ft. Milton Suggs – “I Stll Believe”

Ohio Players – “Ecstasy”

Dizzy Gillespie –  “Alligator”

Phillip Wright – “Keep Her Happy” 


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