24, 25 Outubro

Sábado, 24 Outubro

Tommy McGee – “Stay With Me”

Toba – “Moving Up”

Solaris – “You And Me”

Rideout – “Someone Special”

Afro Train – “Tumba Safari”

The Perfections – “Can This Be Real”

David Nathan – “Ain’t Nothing Like the Love”

Powerline – “Watching You”

Cecil Lyde – “I’ll Make It On My Own”

Tavasco – “Love Is Trying To Get A Hold Of Me”

Billy Boomer -“You Can’t Hide”

Cloudburst – “I’m Loving You”

Daybreak – “I Need Love”


Domingo, 25 Outubro

Harold McNair – “The Hipster”

Joop Hendriks Quartet – “Liberated Brother”

Tamba 4 – “Reza”

Menagerie – “The Arrow of Time”

Sun Ra Quartet ft. John Gilmore – “When There Is No Sun”

Jorge Lopez Ruiz  – “La Ville Vide”

Jon Hendricks – “I Bet You Thought I’d Never Find You”

Brothers Gilmore – “I Feel A Song”

Courtial with Errol Knowles – “Take The Time”

Essex IV – “My Reaction To You”

Marvin Holmes & Justice – “You Better Keep Her”

Mister – “I Wanna Thank You”

Pierce Brothers ‎– “Party Person”


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