7, 8 Novembro

Sábado, 7 Novembro

Brenda Cuffari – “My Music Says It All”

C B Overton – “If I Can’t Stop You”

Earth, Wind & Fire – “Brazilian Rhyme”

The Duke Of Burlington – “Viva Tirado (Part 2)”

West Wing – “I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby”

Bill Swift Trio featuring Drenda Barnett – “Day Dreamin’”

Earl Moseley – “Fly In The Soup”

Joe Thomas – “Polarizer”

The Dells – “Ain’t It A Shame”

Calvin B. Rhone – “We’ve Come To Praise Him”

The Sultan’s Swing – “Black Caterpillar”

Judy Roberts – “Señor Blues”

Gabor Szabo – “Gypsy Queen”


Domingo, 8 Novembro

Antonio Castro – “W.E.L.F.A.R.E.”

Brown Sugar Band, Inc – “Party Time”

Wganda Kenya – “El Abanico”

The Melton Brothers Band – “Livin’ In The City”

Stevie Wonder – “Too High”

The Rebirth – “This Journey In”

Leon Debouse – “Every Fella’s Girl”

Sons Of The Kingdom – “Modernization”

Cal Green – “Sieda”

Harold Corbin Trio – “Soul Sister”

Walt Dickerson – “Stepping Out”

The Lloyd Miller Trio – “Way Out East”

Caixa Cubo – “Lua Nova”

Letieres Leite – “Patinete Rami Rami”


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