21 e 22 Novembro

Sábado, 21 Novembro

Lonnie Liston Smith – “Astral Traveling”  

Phil Stroud – “Banksia”

Ramp – “Come Into Knowledge”

Tino Contreras – “Máscaras Blues”

Jordan Rakei – “Wind Parade”

The Third Wave – “Cantaloupe Island”

Starship Orchestra – “The Genie”

The Diddys ft. Paige Douglas – “Intergalactic Love Song”

Foster Jackson Group – “Feel the Spirit (Long Disco Version)”

The Polyversal Souls – “Love in Outer Space”

Charles Earland And Oddysey – “Ahead of Your Time”

Som Três – “Jungle”

Candido – “Ghana Spice (Part 1 and 2)”


Domingo, 22 Novembro

Brainstorm – “Wake Up And Be Somebody”

Crystal’s Image – “A Friend”

Frazelle – “Today Is the Day (Linkwood Chop)”

Record Player – “Free Your Mind”

The Whatnauts – “Help Is On The Way”

Mighty Ryeders – “Evil Vibrations”

Milton Wright – “Brothers & Sisters”

Rokk – “Patience”

Underground – “Doin’ It”

Fatback Band – “Groovy Kind Of Day”

Ron Eschete – “To Let You Know I Care”

Jeff Tyzik – “Sweet Nothings”


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