28, 29 Novembro

Sábado, 28 Novembro

Almeta Lattimore – “These Memories”

Harold Alexander – “Sandy’s Love”

Miroslav Vitous – “New York City”

Percy & Them – “Shake It”

September – “Stump”

Yellow Sunshine – “Yellow Sunshine”

Barbara Lynn – “You Make Me So Hot”

Crystal Winds – “Love Ain’t Easy”

Beau Williams – “If You’re Ready”

The Stance Brothers – “On Top (Organ & Vibes)”

Mister – “I Wanna Thank You”

Kenny Mann with Liquid Pleasure – “Just For Starters”

Gary Bartz NTU Troop – “Celestial Blues”


Domingo, 29 Novembro

Patti Drew – “Beggar for the Blues”

Circle O’ Fire – “Glo Love”

Rama Dyushambee – “Heal It!”

The Niambi Big Band – “Brass Winds”

Organic Pulse Ensemble – “Attitude”

Bunky Green – “Chillon”

Hi Tension – “Theres A Reason”

Common Sense – “Just Can’t Help Myself I Really Love You”

Mellaa – “Free”

Azteca – “A Night in Nazca”

291out – “Wellington”

The Sultan’s Swing – “White Butterfly”


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