19, 20 Dezembro

Sábado, 19 Dezembro

52nd Street – “Look into My Eyes”

Brief Encounter – “I Just Wanna Dance”

Jesse Gomez – “Baby I’m Coming At You”

Marc Moulin “Stomp”

Newban – “Why Did You Desert Me?”

Leon Thomas – “One”

Street People – “Your Momma Had A Baby”

The Main Ingredient – “California My Way”

The Spinners – “Love Is Such A Crazy Feeling”

Azwon – “Paradise Island”

Brothers Johnson – “Streetwave”

Darrow Fletcher – “(What Are We Gonna do About) This Mess”

Darrow Fletcher – “The Rising Cost of Love”

Soul Searchers – “Blow Your Whistle”


Domingo, 20 Dezembro

Undisputed Truth – “California Soul”

Curtis Lundy – “Never Gonna Let You Go”

Horace Silver – “The Happy Medium”

Ambiance – “Ironti”

Crystal Clear – “Stay With Me”

Mad Honey – “Upward Bound”

Splash – “Sound Reason”

Sun – “Just A Minute Of Your Time”

Solis Lacus – “Utopic Cities”

Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad – “Nancy Wilson ft. Brian Jackson”

Brainstorm – “Wake Up and Be Somebody”

The Winstons – “Amen Brother”


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