26, 27 Dezembro

Sábado, 26 Dezembro

Robin Jones Seven – “Atlas”

Manfredo Fest – “Brazilian Dorian Dream”

Pharoah Sanders – “Love Is Here 1”

Tino Contreras – “Orbita 13”

Billy Gault – “The Time Of This World Is At Hand”

Guilherme Coutinho – “Rio Corrente”

Ray & James – “Nature Boy”

Placebo – “Showbiz suite (part.1)”

Twylyte ’81 – “Like A Ferris Wheel”

Experience Unlimited – “People”


Domingo, 27 Dezembro

Solat – “Change the World”

Prince – “The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker (With Horns)”

Jazz Co-Op – “A-La Coltrane”

Admas – “Tez Alegn Yetintu”

Rivage – “Strung out on You Love”

Roscoe Weathers – “Poem for Anna”

Kirk Lightsey and Rudolph Johnson with the All Stars – “Here It Is”

Luiz Carlos Vinhas – “Song For My Father”

Syncro Jazz – “Gato Preto”

Thelonious Monk – “Epistrophy”

Ziad Rahbani – “Abu Ali”


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