02, 03 Janeiro 2021

Sábado, 02 Janeiro 2021

Curtis Mayfield – “Move on Up”

Jeff Parker & The New Breed – “Max Brown”

Stanley Cowell – “Travelin’ Man”

Wendell Harrison & Phillip Ranelin – “What We Need”

Jon Lucien – “Maiden Voyage”

Dwight Trible – “I’ve Known Rivers”

Art Blakey – “Ping Pong”

Daybreak – “I Need Love”

Barbosa – “Seára de Oxalá”

The Beaters – “Harari”

Johnny Hammond – “Tell Me What To Do”

Spirit – “Spirit”


Domingo, 03 Janeiro 2021

Jean Terrell – “No Limit”

Arts & Craft – “I’ve Been Searching”

Chocolate Milk – “Girl Calling”

Wizdom – “I’m So In Love With You”

Sons Of The Kingdom – “Modernization”

Universal Togetherness Band – “Taken by Love”

Omni – “So Good To See You Again”

Carey Harris And Michael Orr – “Afterwhile”

Bobby Hutcherson – “Herzog”

Hiroshi Suzuki – “Romance”

Anubis – “Ecology”

Clydene Jackson – “I Need Your Love”


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