16, 17 Janeiro 2021

Sábado, 16 Janeiro 2021

Michelle Lamb – “Natural High”

Phillips – “People Clap Your Hands”

Chaka Khan ft. Rufus – “You Got The Love”

Di Melo – “Kilariô”

Helio Matheus – “Mais Kriola”

Ana Mazzotti – “Roda Mundo”

Tyrone & Carr – “Take Me With You”

Vi Redd – “Anthropology”

The Prime Element – “Southamelodic”

Brahja (aka Devin Brahja Waldman) – “Qwikness”

The Jazzinvaders – “Up & Out”

Allspice – “Slipped Away”

Common Sense – “Just Can’t Help Myself (I Really Love You)”

Linda Clifford – “Don’T Give It Up” _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Domingo, 17 Janeiro 2021

Mike James Kirkland – “It’s Too Late”

The Movers – “Shanana”

Maryann Farra & Satin Soul – “You Got To Be The One”

William Stuckey – “The First Time”

Family of Swede – “Life”

The Two Tons – “Never Like This”

Eloise Laws – “Put A Little Love Into It (When You Do It)”

Phillip Ballou – “We’ll Be Together”

The Spirit Of Love – “The Power Of Your Love”

Intimate Disco – “Animations”

Arnaud Rodrigues – “Nêga”

Walt Barr – “Free Spirit”


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