6, 7 Fevereiro 2021

Sábado, 6 Fevereiro 2021

Peter Brown – “For Your Love”

The Fifth Avenue Band – “One Way Or The Other”

Judy Roberts – “Watercolors”

Gypsy – “Don’t Get Mad (Get Even)”

Coleus – “Wonder Why”

Rasputin’s Stash – “The Devil Made Me Do It”

Sunbear -“I Heard the Voice of Music Say”

João Selva – “Navegar”

Helio Matheus – “Eu, Réu, Me Condeno”

Kwesi – “Freedom Of The Mind”

Serenade – “Maybe This Time”

Truth & Devotion – “I Must See My Lord”

Mark De Clive-Lowe – “Motherland”

Spunk – “La Bimini”


Domingo, 7 Fevereiro 2021

Dick Griffin – “Now Is The Time”

Manfredo Fest – “Arigo”

Cache – “Where is My Sunshine”

O’Donel Levy – “Sophisticated Disco”

Oliver Sain – “Nothing’s Real In L.A.”

Harry Whitaker – “The Afterlife Part 2”

Invisible Man’s Band – “Along the Way”

B & G Rhythm – “Hibaros”

Andy Vans – “Dofo Ndyi Ekyir”

The Warriors – “Destination”

Loleatta Holloway – “Casanova”


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