6, 7 Março 2021

Sábado, 6 Março 2021

Arnie’s Love – “I’m Out Of Your Life”

Brainstorm – “Journey To The Light”

Douglas And Lonero – “Baby Take My Hand”

John Blair – “J’L’S Ego”

Dr. Lonnie Smith – “Bright Eyes”

Les Hooper – “Lady of the Night”

Lowrell – “Mellow, Mellow Right On”

Marcos Resende & Index – “Praça da Alegria”

Twennynine · Lenny White – “Best of Friends”

Nathan Davis – “New Dues”

Orpheus – “Moon Halos”

Vitamin E – “Kiss Away”


Domingo, 7 Março 2021

Yasuko Agawa -“L.A. Nights”

Bobby Vince Paunetto – “Little Rico – Little Rico Theme”

Nikki Giovanni – “Just A NY Poem”

Natural Four – “Try Love Again”

Ribour Trio – “SeulB”

Oscar Perry – “Wind Me Up”

Andre Gibson & Universal Toherthness Band – “Thankful For You”

Bill Brown & The Soul Injection – ” Dreamworld Fantasies”

Calvin Keys – “Criss Cross”

Don Downing – “Doctor Boogie”

R+R=NOW – “Resting Warrior”


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