20, 21 Março 2021

Sábado, 20 Março 2021

Frank D’Rone – “Make Me Rainbows”

James D. Hall – “I Wanna Get Into You”

Lesette Wilson – “Corrida (“Ai No Corrida”)”

Jim Friedman – “Greensleeves”

Prince Billy Mahdi Wright – “Summer Love”

E.L. James – “The Face Of Love”

Village Choir – “Along The Beach”

Citation – “Inspiration of my Life”

Omega Sunrise – ” Renewal”


Domingo, 21 Março 2021

Vaneese & Carolyn – “Goodbye Song”

Arejay – “Kansas City Girl”

Pure Pleasure – “Be My Side”

The True Pages of Life – “Truth & Love”

Cottonmouth – “Treat You Kindly”

Sargeant & Malone – “Love Message”

Eddie And The Movements – “Alive And Kicking “Disco””

Van Jones – “Not About That (Show Me Some Respect)”

Prince Phillip Mitchell – “I’m So Happy”

The Nu -Trons – “Beat”

Lonnell Dantzler – “Bo Ghana”

The Reason Why – “So Long Letter (In A Picture Frame)”

Laura yager -“Where’s Your Love Been”

Chuck Mahaffay & The Individuals – “Hot Night in Hong Kong”

Leroy Hudson – “Lover’s Holiday”


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