27, 28 Março 2021

Sábado, 27 Março 2021

Joyce Williams – “The First Thing I Do In The Morning”

Bobby Glenn – “Hey Love!”

Cappy & Stonewall – “Bad News”

Jazz Rock Castella – “Apuntamelo”

Mancefield & Brother Man Band – “Brotherman Pt. 1”

Ray Raymond – “Singin Loud”

Syndicate – “Jabo”

The True Pages Of Life – “Truth & Love”

Mel Davis and Group Therapy – “Mechanical Funk”

High Powered Spirit Band – “Be A Winner”

Kimberly Hunt – “Action”

Fernando Pearson – “Mellow Dancer”

Clonzo Mays Sextet – “Your Heaven is Too Late”

Lemuria – “All I’ve Got To Give”

Citation – “Inspiration Of My Life”

Archie Whitewater – “Cross Country”

The Main Ingredient – “Summer Breeze”


Domingo, 28 Março 2021

The Lost Generation – “This Is The Lost Generation”

Nancy Holloway – “Hurt So Bad”

Frank Walton – “Safari”

Ernestine Anderson – “Love For Sale”

Powerhouse – “You Turn Me On”

The Melton Brothers Band – “Livin’ In The City”

Deep Heat – “Do It Again”

Airto Fogo – “Jungle Bird”

Ahmad Jamal – “Black Cow”

Fatback Brother Bill Curtis – “Dance Girl”

Les Vikings De La Guadeloupe – “Ka Nou Pé Fé”

Agustin Pereyra Lucena Quartet – “La Rana”

Dave Pike – “Mathar”

BPS Revolution – “Life Is A Song Worth Singing”


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