17, 18 Abril 2021

Sábado, 17 Abril 2021

James Mason – “Good Thing”

Steely Dan – “Black Cow”

Leon Ware – “Rockin’ You Eternally”

Copa 7 – “Som Do Copa 7”

Rick Mason And Rare Feelings – “Rare Feelings”

Mixed Grill – “A Brand New Wayo”

Weldon Irvine – “I Love You”

Michael Henderson – “In The Night-Time”

Dee Felice Trio – Crickets Sings for Ana Maria”

Ira Sullivan – “The Kingdom Within You”

Bill Coleman & Jef Gilson Big Band – “Let My People Go (Go Down, Moses)

Synthesis – “City Song”

Gino Dentie – “Movin’ “


Domingo, 18 Abril 2021

American Gypsy – “Golden Ring”

C. Henry Woods Troupe – “The Stranger”

Jobell & The Orchestra De Salsa –“Never Gonna Let You Go”

Sharon Revoal –“Reaching for Our Star”

Rasputin Stash – “I Can Feel Your Jones”

Leroy Hutson – “Cool Out”

Herbie Hancock –“Promise Of The Sun”

Azymuth – “Tempos Atrás”

The Rimshots – “Takin’It”

Timothy McNealy –“Sagittarius Black”

Sharon Paige – “New to You”

Dexter Wansel – “Life On Mars”

MFSB – “Mysteries of the World”

Potion – “Catch the Feelin (Showstopper)”


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