01, 02 Maio 2021

Sábado, 01 Maio 2021

Aloisio – “Tema, R”

Cornelius – “Deixa”

Morris – “Can We Melt The Ice”

Inell Young – “What do You See in Her”

Pratt & McClain – “Whachersign”

Tom Grant – “Caribean Firedance”

Sundown – “Spaced Outta Place Pt. 1”

Syndicate – “Gimme Your Love”

The Split Decision Band – “Watching Out”

Ed Lincoln – “Eu Quero Levar Você pra Casa”

Alex Brown – “I’m Not Responsible”

VS Quartet – “A Pou Zot”

Maryann Farra & Satin Soul – “Living In The Footsteps Of Another Girl”

The Cosmic Twins – “A Letter To Mom”


Domingo, 02 Maio 2021

Leo Acosta – “Noches De Viaje”

Deli Alves – “Foge Comigo”

Guilherme Coutinho E O Grupo Stalo – “Atalaia”

Hugo Taube – “Vem Balançar Menina”

Impactus – “Só Pra Você”

Tobias – “Coisa Sentimental”

Ivan Neville – “Dance Your Blues Away”

China Burton – “You Don’t Care (About Our Love)”

Cullen Knight – “Once You Get It”

Pat Stallworth – “Questions (Part I)”

Kool And The Gang – “Winter Sadness”

Ujima – “I’m Not Ready”


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