15, 16 Maio 2021

Sábado, 15 Maio 2021

Cassiano – “Onda”

Gloria Ann Taylor – “Love Is A Hurting Thing”

Alex Santos Orch. – “Red Clay”

Ambiance – “Just By Chance”

Ray Barretto – “Stargazer”

June Evans – “Hardly Need To Say”

Darkhouse Family – “Modaji Suite”

Potion – “Catch The Feelin’ (Showstopper)”

Esperanto – “Sweet Feelings”

Greg Smaha – “Sunshine”

Infinity – “Queen Of My Universe”


Domingo, 16 Maio 2021

Cassiano – “Central Do Brasil”

Eramus Hall – “She Shined a Light”

The Rhythm Makers – “Monterey”

Curtis Fuller – “Oscalypso”

Roy Roberts Experience – “Let’s Wrap Up Tonight Baby”

CRAC – “You’re Everything to Me”

Edu Lobo – “Even Now”

Paulinho da Costa – “Seeing Is Believing”

E.S. Funk – “Funny Feeling”

Johnny Walker – “Dipping”

Monika Linges Quartett – “Running”

Melvin Van Peebles – “Sweetback’s Theme”

Nathan Bartell – “Top Going Down Bottom Going Up”

Ned Doheny – “To Prove My Love (Instrumental)”

Sandi & Matues – “The World Pt.1”


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