22, 23 Maio 2021

Sábado, 22 Maio 2021

Anthony Joseph – “The Gift”

Arnold Blair – “Trying to Get Next to You”

Friedhelm Schönfeld Trio – “‎Los Caribos”

Joe Armon-Jones – “Pray”

Johnny Lytle – “The Man”

Orquestra Mirasol – “Hancock”

Rahsaan Roland Kirk – “Sugar”

Terry Garthwaite – “Changing Colors”

Roy Ayers – “Des Nude Soul”

Clonzo Mays’ Sextet – “Your Heaven is Too Late”

Idris Muhammad – “I’m a Believer”

George Duke Pete Magadini – “Five for Barbara”


Domingo, 23 Maio 2021

Archie Shepp – “Blues for Brother George Jackson”

Richard Davis – “Sienna: Waiting For The Moment”

Ruby Rushton – “Gideon’s Way”

Mario BaKuna – “Melancia”

Freedom Express – “Get Down”

Crown Heights Affair – “Far Out”

Brothers By Choice – “Girl I Need You Too”

George Franklin Smallwood & Marshmellow – “Hey Mamma”

Dewey Jeffries – “Little David”

Arejay – “Kansas City Girl”

Bernard Wright – “Bread Sandwiches”

Dexter Wansel – “Life On Mars”

Southside Movement – “I’ve Been Watching You”

Alice Clark – “Never Did I Stop Loving You”


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