29, 30 Maio 2021

Sábado, 29 Maio 2021

Rance Allen Group – “Reason To Survive”

Ted Taylor – “Ghetto Disco”

Eye of the High – “Elevate”

Neal Creque & The Hands Of Time – “What’Cha Wanna Do-Do It”

One Way Featuring Al Hudson – “I Am Under Your Spell”

Young-Holt Unlimited – “Where Is The Love”

Cosmology – “Out From The Kiva”

Jorge Dalto – “I’ve Got You On My Mind”

Love Unlimited – “Move Me No Mountain”

Bobby Hutcherson – “Prime Thought”


Domingo, 30 Maio 2021

The Mike Westbrook Concert Band – “Waltz (for Joanna)”

Kaidi Tatham – “Tek Care”

The Warriors – “Destination”

Secret Night Gang – “Journey”

Project – ” Love Rescue”

Vicki Anderson with Bobby Byrd – “You’re Welcome, Stop On By”

Sunrize – “I Need You More Than Words Can Say”

The Vibrations- “Shake It Up”

First Class – “Me And My Gemini”

Bebeto – “A Beleza É Você Menina”

Grupo Natureza · Niltinho – “Pode Acreditar”

Louis Hayes – “Little Sunflower”


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