05, 06 Junho 2021

Sábado, 05 Junho 2021

Betty Davis – “Tell Me A Few Things”

Esther Phillips – “Home is Where The Hatred Is”

Moe Koffman – “Digs (Archaeology)”

The Controllers – “Hello!”

Elayne Starr – “Night After Night”

Deodato – “Arranha Ceu”

Moses Dillard – “Tribute To Wes”

Natural Essence – “It’s You I Need”

Ben Sidran – “Lust”

Tom Browne – “Come For The Ride”

Lou Courtney – “The Common Broken Heart”

Bob Cunningham – “Lover’s Theme”

Judy Roberts “Never Was Love”

Brass Fever – “Time Is Running Out”

Gene Chandler – “Does She Have A Friend For Me”


Domingo, 06 Junho 2021

Mark Murphy – “Dingwalls”

Bill Laurance – “The Pines”

Stella Levitt – “Note So High”

Masequa Myers – ” Black Land Of The Nile”

Bernard Hermann – “I Work The Whole City”

Manfredo Fest – “Jungle Kitten”

Raymun – “Do You Feel Like I Feel”

Erik Tagg – “Got To Be Lovin You”

Lawrence Hilton Jacobs – “Baby Your Eyes”

Ice – “Ozan Koukle”

Craig Harris and Trailgaters Tales – “Africans Unite”

Manny Oquendo’s Libre – “Little Sunflower”

Shawn Phillips – “I Don’t Want To Leave You, I Just Came To Say Good-Bye”


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