26, 27 Junho 2021

Sábado, 26 Junho 2021

Benita – “Time for a Change”

Bobby Rush – “Mary Jane”

Kashmere Stage Band – “The Zero Point”

Rasputin’s Stash – “Sweet Vibe”

Roy Ayers – “Programmed For Love”

Spanky Wilson – “Specialty Of The House”

Father’s Children – “Hollywood Dreaming”

Courtial with Errol Knowles – “Losing You”

John Lee – Gerry Brown – “Infinite Jones”

Clarice Labbe & Charlie Hampton – “No Other Love But You”

Breakwater – “Feel Your Way”

Jeffree – “Mr Fix-It”

The Pink Family – “Don’t Give Your Life Away”

Johnny Hammond – “It’s Impossible”

Seawind – “He Loves You”


Domingo, 27 Junho 2021

Chic – “Open Up”

Gloria Scott – “That’s What You Say (Everytime You’re Near Me)”

Norma Jean & Ray J – “This Is Our Love Song Of Life”

Skip Mahoney & The Casuals – “Town Called No Where”

Gil Scott Heron – “Washington DC”

The Lost Generation – “This Is The Lost Generation (Vocal)”

Cesar Mariano & Cia. – “Metropole”

Gal Costa – “Flor de Maracujá”

Luis Bonfa – “Jacaranda”

Deodato – “September 13”

Rare Silk – “Storm”

Delegation – “Oh Honey”

Tony Troutman – “What’s The Use”

Idris Muhammad – “The Doc”


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