17, 18 Julho 2021

Sábado, 17 Julho 2021

Ripple – “Be My Friend”

Jo.Boyer – “Isabelle And The Rain”

Starfire – “Make The Most Of It”

Akira Freeze – “Tell Me Baby”

Beckie Bell – “Music Madness”

One Way ft. Al Hudson – “Tonight”

Eddie Russ – “Stop It Now”

Brand New – “Thousand Years”

Marc Moulin – “Humpty Dumpty”

Irene Kral – “Wonderful Life”

Ezra Collective – “Enter the Jungle”

Gloria Jay – “Know What You Want”

The Love Unlimited Orchestra – “Theme from King Kong”


Domingo, 18 Julho 2021

Vance and Suzzanne – “I Can’t Get Along Without You”

Starvue – “Body Fusion”

Toast – “It’s Just An Illusion (Coming to Ya)”

Experience Unlimited – “Peace Gone Away”

Marvin Gaye – “Life Is For Learning”

Jackie Stoudemire – “Guilty”

Rivage – “Strung Out On You Love”

SpaceArk – “Don’t Stop”

Unity & The Downbeats – “Love Dream”

Betty Lou Landreth – “I Can’t Stop”

Maria De Fátima – “Vou Me Acostumar”

Family Of Swede – “Set You Free”


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