14, 15 Agosto 2021

Sábado, 14 Agosto 2021

Wayne Henderson – “Hot Stuff”

Urban Crisis – “Spread Love Around”

Archie Bell – “Anytime Is Right”

Freddie Hubbard – “Liquid Love”

Dave Pike Set – “Regards From Freddie Horowitz”

Kahil El’Zabar – “Jump And Shout (For Those Now Gone)”

Ray Barretto – “Love Beads”

Universe City – “Can You Get Down”

Hugo Moolenaar – “Children Children”

David Bendeth – “Love Collect”

Marvin Gaye – “All The Way Around”

Leon Ware – “Baby Don’t Stop Me”

Chirstene McNabb ‎– “Love You”


Domingo, 15 Agosto 2021

Southern Energy Ensemble – “Third House”

Pharoah Sanders – “Astral Traveling”

Walter Hawkins – “Metropolis”

Joe Farrell – “Bara Bara”

Joop Hendriks Quartet – “Liberated Brother”

Family Underground – “All We Have Is a Song”

Nu-Cleus – “Needing A Woman”

Pat Lundy – “Party Music”

Vanessa Kendrick – “90% Of Me Is You”

Steely Dan – “Peg”

Paz – “Yours Is The Light”

Caché – ” Jazzin’ And Cruisin’ “

Average White Band – “Atlantic Avenue”


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