28, 29 Agosto 2021

Sábado, 28 Agosto 2021

John Martyn – “Glory Box”

David Axelrod – “London”

The Lost Generation – “All In The Course Of A Day”

Phil Ranelin – “For The Children”

Jackson – “Pretty Bird”

Morgana King – “Like A Seed”

Jerry Butler & Jerry Peters – “Melinda Latino”

Charles Earland – “Betty’s Theme”

Gary Marks – “We Free”

Johnny Lytle – “You’ve Got to Love The World”

The Natural Spiritual Orchestra – “We Love Roll Call Y-All”

Warmth – “Praise Poems”

Oliver Nelson – “Baja Bossa”


Domingo, 29 Agosto 2021

Amy Almond – “Be Thankful For What You Got”

9th Creation – “Much Too Much”

The Fatback Band – “Chillin’ Out”

Funk Inc. – “Let’s Make Peace And Stop The War”

Brian Jackson, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, & Adrian Younge – “Bain de Minuit”

Les McCann – “The Harlem Buck Dance Strut Dance”

Cortex – “Sabbat (Pts. 1-3)”

Nat Birchall – “Ancient World”

Art Blakey · The Jazz Messengers – “A Chant For Bu”

Zimbo Trio – “Reza”

Gonzalez – “Clapham South”


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