04, 05 Setembro 2021

Sábado, 04 Setembro 2021

William Bell – “Relax”

Darrow Fletcher – “No Limit”

Esperanto – “Cosa Suave”

Gloster Williams & Master Control – “No Cross, No Crown”

Sylvia Striplin – “Look Towards The Sky”

Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight – “March Of The Goober Woobers”

Herbie Hancock – “Succotash”

The Visitors (Earl Grubbs_Carl Grubbs) – “Naima”

Sambalanço Trio – “Samblues”

Nuyorican Soul – “Gotta New Life”

Dave Mackay & Vicky Hamilton – “Now”

Johnny Hammond – “Can’t We Smile (Alt)”


Domingo, 05 Setembro 2021

Rasputin’s Stash – “Mr Cool”

Billy Hawks – “That’s Your Bag”

Brian Auger & Julie Tippetts – “Git Up”

Pleasure – “Thoughts Of Old Flames”

Frank Pisani – “Please Don’t Make It Funky”

Power Of Attorney – “Changing Man”

Rideout – “Someone Special”

Roy Roberts Experience – “Let’s Wrap Up Tonight Baby”

David Ruffin – “I Got a Thing For You”

E.S. Funk – “Funny Feeling”

Satin Finish – “Took A Chance On Love”

Mike Lundy – “The Rhythm Of Life”

Embryo – “Wajang Woman”

Elizio De Buzios – “Tamanqueiro”

Justo Almario – “Seventh Avenue”


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