18, 19 Setembro 2021

Sábado, 18 Setembro 2021

Marlena Shaw – “Look At Me Look At You (We’re Flying)”

Spirits Rejoice – “Joy”

The Clear Light Band – “Highlights”

Viejas RaiIces – “El Viaje De Dumpty”

Brazilian Octopus – “Pavane”

Chi-Lites – “Go Away Dream”

Gary Bartz – “Love Song”

Fender Trio – “Locomotion”

Henri Texier – “Amir”

Prince – “I Feel for You”

La’Verne Washington – “The Promise”

Steve Arrington – “Beddie-Biey”

Eddie Russ – “See The Light”


Domingo, 19 Setembro 2021

Steve Parks – “Sadness In My Samba”

Johnny Walker – “Dipping”

Sergio Mendes – “The Real Thing”

Kent Glenn – “Good For The Garden”

Cindy & The Playmates – “Now That School Is Thru”

Willie Joe – “Funny Thing”

Wizdom – “I’m So In Love With You”

Bridge – “Turn To Love”

Ethel Beatty – “It’s Your Love”

Marco Di Marco – Chris Woods Sextet – “Together in Paris”

Takeo Moriyama – “Watarase”

Starcrost – “Quicksand”

Hyldon – “Na Rua, Na Chuva, Na Fazenda (Casinha De Sapê)”


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