02, 03 Outubro 2021

Sábado, 02 Outubro 2021

Evinha – “Esperar Pra Ver”

Camarão Orkestra – “Canto Da Bahia (ft. Anthony Joseph)”

Michel Sardaby – “Welcome New Warmth”

Toninho Horta – “Aqui, Oh!”

Ben Sidran – “Silver’s Serenade”

B & G Rhythm – “Hibaros”

Amanda Whiting – “Just Blue (feat. Chip Wickham)”

Brandee Younger – “Tickled Pink”

Michael White’s Magic Music Company – “Spaceslide”

Jon Lucien – “Luella”

Mark Murphy – “Sly”

Marvin Gaye – “A Funky Space Reincarnation”


Domingo, 03 Outubro 2021

Connie Laverne – “Can’t Live Without You”

Leny Andrade – “Não Adianta”

Nico Gomez and His Afro Percussion Inc. – “Cuba Libre”

Mandrill – “Stay Tonite”

Rivage – “I Need You Baby”

SpaceArk – “Don’t Stop”

Village of the Sun – “TED (feat. Binker and Moses)”

Alfa Mist – “Run Outs”

Laurie Holloway – “Stratus”

Charles Mingus – “Flowers for a Lady”

Urszula Dudziak – “Papaya”

Soundtrack: The Italian Heist – “Plutonium Heist”

Gil Scott Heron – “A Legend In His Own Mind”

Darondo – “Didn’t I”


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