30, 31 Outubro 2021

Sábado, 30 Outubro 2021

Peter Hunningale – “Rocking You Eternally”

Coast To Coast – “Paula Marie”

Byrne & Barnes – “Love You Out Of Your Mind”

McKenzie & Gardiner – “Got To Get Away”

The Reflections – “She’s My Summer Breeze”

Collage – “Madrid”

Khan Jamal – “Nubian Queen”

Future Flight – “Hip-Notic Lady”

Rev. T. L. Barrett – “The Lord’s Prayer”

Moacir Santos – “Route Infinity”

Letieres Leite -“Casa do Pai”

Fred – “MHB”

Jon Lucien – “Search For The Inner Self”


Domingo, 31 Outubro 2021

Mark Murphy – “Dingwalls”

Melvin Sparks – “Who’s Gonna Take The Weight?”

Andrew Wartts And The Gospel Storytellers – “There Is A God Somewhere”

Harold Land / Blue Mitchell – “Mapenzi”

Gary Bartz NTU Troop – “Drinking Song”

Reflex – “Funny Situation”

Shadow – “I Can’t Keep Holding Back (My Love)”

Three Degrees – “Collage”

Beloyd – “Today All Day”

Mother’s Finest – “Love Changes”

Carrie Lucas – “I’ll Close Loves Door”

Nat Adderley – “Early Minor”

Martha Reeves & The Sweet Things – “King Midas”


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