13, 14 Novembro 2021

Sábado, 13 Novembro 2021

Leroy Hutson – “I Think I’m Falling In Love”

Maulawi – “Street Rap”

Roy Ayers – “Sunshine (demo)”

The Five Stairsteps – “We Must Be In Love”

Bubbha Thomas and The Lightmen – “The Phantom”

Gal Costa – “Pontos De Luz”

The Coast To Coast – “Love Is the Same”

Pat Martino – “Impressions”

Billy Gault – “The Time Of This World Is At Hand”

Bernard Wright – “Music Is The Key”

James Moody – “World Is A Ghetto”

Madeleine Bell – “That’s What Friends Are For”


Domingo, 14 Novembro 2021

Larry Rose Band – “Who Conned The Lady”

STR4TA – “We Like It”

Universal Togetherness Band – “My Sentiment”

Bill Spoon – “Love Is On The Way”

Antônio Adolfo – “Cascavel”

Burnier & Cartier – “Só Tem Lugar Pra Você”

Boris Gardiner – “Ghetto Funk”

Willis Jackson – “Nuther’n Like Thuther’n”

Don Rendell Quintet – “Antibes”

Lonnie Smith – “It’s Changed”

Dieter Reith – “Knock Out”


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