27, 28 Novembro 2021

Sábado, 27 Novembro 2021

Donald Byrd – “Love’s So Far Away”

Bobbi Humphrey – “Just A Love Child”

The Blackbyrds – “Reggins”

David Axelrod – “Everything Counts”

Sola – “Tabu, Tabu”

Daniel Bechet – “Astral Dance”

Embryo – “I Like to Make Love”

Lonnie Smith – “Mama Wailer”

The Sugar Hill Gang – “Passion Play”

Sun – “Time Is Passing”


Domingo, 28 Novembro 2021

Minnie Riperton – “Memory Band”

Milt Jackson – “Sunflower”

Ohio Players – “Angel”

Greg Foat – “Yonaguni”

La Retreta Mayor – “Zambo”

Willie Hutch – “Ain’t That (Mellow, Mellow)”

Sparkle – “Let Yourself Go”

Cullen Knight – “Once You Fall In Love”

Tony Sherman – “Slippin’ Into Darkness”

June Tyson – “Never Never Land”

Sean Khan – “Azawala”


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