18, 19 Dezembro 2021

Sábado, 18 Dezembro 2021

Cortex ft. Alain Mion – “Mary & Jeff”

Dianne Mower ‎– “The Secret Sign”

The Echo’s ‎– “It’s Time To Make A Change”

New Creation – “Fish Song”

Kay Carter ‎- “Disco Sickness”

Jackie McLean – “Blue Rondo”

Gene Russell – “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life”

Erik Tagg – “Got To Be Lovin You”

David Mrakpor – “My Life (feat. James Coleman & Blue Lab Beats)”

The Crusaders – “Try A Little Harder”

Stanley Turrentine – “Sara’s Dance”

Leon Thomas – “Echoes”


Domingo, 19 Dezembro 2021

Novi Singers – “Misfit”

Quarteto Novo – “Misturada”

Osmar Milito – “Planalto Geral”

Natural Essence ‎– “It’s You I Need”

Lee Oskar – “Feelin’ Happy”

Marion Javius – “Waiting In The Wings”

Bobby Paunetto – “Dragon Breath”

O’Donel Levy – “I Believe In Miracles”

Yusef Lateef – “Eboness”

Horace Silver – “Song For My Father”

Secret Night Gang – “The Sun”

Universe City – “Can You Get Down”

John Patton – “Soul Connection”


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