19, 20 Março 2022

Sábado, 19 Março 2022

Martin L. Dumas Jr – “Attitude Belief and Determination”

The Oceans – “Pacific Dream”

Beloyd – “Get Into Your Life”

Filo Machado – “Minorias”

Deodato – “September 13”

Web Web – “Inner Revolution”

Twylyte ’81 – “Can I Change”

The Born Messengers – “Jesse’s Samba”

Carrie Riley & The Fascinations – “Super Cool”

Copa 7 – “So-Lucios”

Norman Weeks – “I Just Want To Sing For You”

Kenny Rankin – “In The Name Of Love”

Orpheus – “Sea of Serenity”

Ron Baumber – “China Doll”

Sweet Mixture ‎– “House Of Fun And Love”

Jorginho Telles – “Superbacana”


Domingo, 20 Março 2022

High Fashion – “Feelin’ Lucky Lately”

Jerry Butler – “I’m Glad To Be Back”

Mammatapee – “Let The Music Take Your Mind”

Chet Davenport – “War In The Ghetto”

Family Portrait – “Natural Man (I Need)”

James – “What Is Happening To My Life”

Estelle Levitt – “All I Dream”

Kandidate – “What Are You Gonna Do?”

Clifton Dyson – “I’m Giving Up – Modern Soul Classics”

Muscle Shoals Horns – “Addicted To Your Love”

Marcelo – “Algo No Ar”

Zeca do Trombone – “Tema Do Brisa”

Lafayette – “Sol De Verão”

Guilherme Coutinho E O Grupo Stalo – “Rio Corrente”

Luiz Carlos Vinhas “Yê-Melê”

Leci Brandão – “Questão De Gosto”


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