26, 27 Março 2022

Sábado, 26 Março 2022

Experience Unlimited – “Peace Gone Away”

Tony and Reality – “I’ll Be There”

Tim Maia – “Paz Interior”

Danser’s Inferno – “Sombre Guitar”

Flora Purim – “Black Narcissus”

Burnier & Cartier – “Europanema”

Ricardo Marrero & The Group – “And We’ll Make Love”

LaMont Johnson – “Calypso After Nine”

Alex – “I Gotta Feel Something”

Moacir Santos – “Route Infinity”

Paulo Moura Hepteto – “Fibra”

Roy Haynes – “Senyah”

Deirdre Wilson Tabac – “I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes”

Emma-Jean Thackray – “Sun”

Silvo Cesar – “A Festa”


Domingo, 27 Março 2022

Edwin Starr – “There You Go”

Father’s Children – “You Can Get It”

Masaru Imada – “Jumpin’ Dolphin”

Dom Um Romão – “Ponteio”

Ana Mazzotti – “Eu Sou Mais Eu”

New World Generation – “Sunshine”

Manhattan Rhythm ‎– “Sweet Lady”

Voices Of East Harlem – “Can You Feel It”

Ray Barretto – “Together”

The Scorpios – “Mashena”

La Mont Zeno Theatre – “Black Land Of The Nile”

Quincy Jones – “What´s Going On”

Antonio Castro – “W.E.L.F.A.R.E”


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