23, 24 Abril 2022

Sábado, 23 Abril 2022

Lonnie Liston Smith – “Journey Into Love“

Ahmad Jamal – “Children Calling”

Charles Earland – “I Will Never Tell”

Kool & The Gang – “Dujii”

Light Of The World – “Pete’s Crusade”

STR4TA – “Aspects”

Blue Mink – “I Wanna Be Around You (With You)”

Dexter Wansel – “The Sweetest Pain”

Malachi Thompson – “Street Dance”

Duke Pearson – “I Dont Care Who Knows It”

Billy Parker’s Fourth World – “Dance Of The Little Children”

Gary Bartz – “Keep Goin’ On”


Domingo, 24 Abril 2022

Starvue – “Put The BS Aside”

Gonzalez – “Clapham South”

John Handy – “Love For Brother Jack”

Zé Roberto – “Lotus 72 D”

Ronald Mesquita – “Balança Pema”

The Five Corners Quintet feat. Mark Murphy – “This Could Be The Start Of Something”

Baron Von Ohlen Quartet ft Mary Ann Moss – “Runaway Heart”

Staffan Abeleen Quintets – “Mr Minor”

James Tatum – “Communion”

Stevie Wonder – “Too High”

Master Force – “Hey Girl”

Chocolate Milk – “Girl Callin’ “

Donna McGhee ‎– “Make It Last Forever”


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