30 Abril, 01 Maio 2022

Sábado, 30 Abril 2022

Ja’net Dubois – “Queen Of The Highway”

Spice – “The Last Time”

Billy Wooten – “Chicango (Chicago Land)”

Charles Hull – “Bring Me The Day”

John Carroll Kirby – “Pan’s Dance”

Syndicate – “Jabo”

The Electrified A.G.B. (All Girls Band) ‎-“Fly Away”

Wee – “You Can Fly On My Aeroplane”

Flash – “Country Side”

The Dynamics – “We’re Gonna Be Together”

Wendell Harrison – “Farewell To The Welfare”

Adam Makowicz – “Seven For Five”

The Controllers – “Hello!”

Bong Peñera ‎- “Beat Contemplation”


Domingo, 01 Maio 2022

Brooklyn People – “Peace & Love”

The 9th Creation – “Bubble Gum”

World Quake Band – “You Know What I Wanted”

Halo – “Let Me Do It”

Rhyze – “Just How Sweet Is Your Love”

Cassiano – “Ocaso das Bossas”

Spaceark – “Don’t Stop”

Montage Project – “Wonderful World”

Family Brown – “Never Had A Love”

Kevin Burroughs Neeley – “Born Again (part 1)”

La Clave – “Move Your Hand”

Prince Billy Mahdi Wright – “Summer Love”

Curtis Amy & Dupree Bolton – “Katanga”

Pat Britt – “Starrsong”

Carrie Cleveland – “Love Will Set You Free”


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