21, 22 Maio 2022

Sábado, 21 Maio 2022

The 3 Pieces – “If Only I Could Prove To You”

Al Hudson – “Spread Love”

The Sidewinders – “I Like Your Stuff”

Glenn Jones – “I Am Somebody”

Karin Jones – “Here I Go Again”

Freudian Funk Band – “I’m Ambivalent About You Baby (Yes, Yes, Yes… No, No, No)”

Brass Fever – “Time Is Running Out”

Esther Marrow – “Things Ain’t Right (from Sister Woman)”

Barretto – “Here We Go Again”

Timothy McNealy – “Sagittarius Black”

Ramsey Lewis – “Wade In The Water”

Earth, Wind & Fire – “Saturday Nite”


Domingo, 22 Maio 2022

Gloria Jones – “Tainted Love”

Marva Whitney – “This Girl’s In Love With You”

Two Tons O’ Fun – “Never Like This”

Starvue – “Body Fusion”

Slave – “Slide”

The Ambassadors – “Ain’t Got The Love”

Carrie Cleveland – “Make Love To Me”

Raymund – “Do You Feel Like I Feel”

The Live Band – “A Chance For Hope”

C – Brand – “Plenty Of Love”

The Ronnie McNeir Experience – “Come Be With Me”

Exit 9 – “Miss Funky Fox”

Lawrence Hilton Jacobs – “Baby Your Eyes”

William DeVaughn ‎– “Be Thankful For What You Got”


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