11, 12 Junho 2022

Sábado, 11 Junho 2022

Amanda Whiting – “Lost”

Les Hooper – “Lady of the Night”

Blair – “Nightlife”

Brandon Coleman – “We Change (Part I) (feat. Kamasi Washington)”

Manhattan Rhythm ‎– “Sweet Lady”

Ripple – “Victorious”

The Rosewood Trio – “West 15th Street Strut”

Michael Boothman – “Saying It With Music”

Solid Gold Revue – “Love’s Traffic”

Heat – “Whatever It Is”

Noel Mc Ghie & Space Spies – “For Gone Desillusion”

Black Lives From Generation To Generation – “Language Of The Unheard “

Arnies Love- "I‘m Out Of Your Life”


Domingo, 12 Junho 2022

The 3 Pieces – “I Need You Girl”

Pleasure – “Joyous”

Bettye Lavette – “I Can’t Stop”

The McCrarys – “Love On A Summer Night”

Webster Lewis – “Do It With Style”

Gaston – “Magnificent Choo Choo”

The IgG Band – “IgG Theme (Ultra Sound)”

Joe Gallardo & Sol – “Maranatha”

Pacific Express – “Saturday Night”

Jade – “Music Slave”

Sahib Shihab – “Bohemia After Dark”

Rudolph Johnson – “The Highest Pleasure”

Spektar – “Šubićeva IV”


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